We are downsideup.

We help bring purposeful ideas into the world, and scale them up, through crowdfunding. Our collective has been working with amazing, game-changing creators for over a decade now. 

Together, we have created over 500 successful crowdfunding campaigns, consistently improving our approach.

The people in our collective have created over 500 successful crowdfunding campaigns. And we're not tired yet. Are you?

Why us
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Pioneering platform for sharing consumer goods

€ 2.006.261 / $ 2.239.127 raised

1.052 backers
Convertible loans

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Crowd Cookware

Disruptive pirate cookware
3 campaigns

€ 931.000 / $ 1.019.243 raised

10.657 backers

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Tesla on two wheels
Ongoing campaign

€ 20.067.553 / $ 22.508.770 raised and counting

5.213 backers

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Premium solar products to share the sun
10 campaigns

€ 2.873.875 raised

11.974 backers
Equity, (convertible) loans, rewards

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Dutch National Ballet

Groundbreaking new choreographies and dancers
8 campaigns

€ 210.000 raised

1.052 backers

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And even for our tenth crowdfunding campaign, with all the experience we ourselves had gained by then, we didn’t hesitate to ask them to join us again. I recommend their work to anyone who is serious about crowdfunding.

Camille van Gestel, Founder WakaWaka

The Crowdfunding Journey

If there is one thing we have learned from all the campaigns we were involved in, it’s this: preparation is key. So be prepared: navigate through our Crowdfunding journey and see what a crowdfunding campaign usually entails.

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