Why us?

With a small team of crowdfunding strategists and campaigners, enriched with a network of specialists, we’re building crowdfunding campaigns.

We work as a collective of closely connected enthusiasts, each of whom continuously performs at the top of their field. Because we consciously choose the campaigns we guide, we tend to feel highly personally involved in the success of the projects we contribute to. The magic happens when the people in our collective - many of whom have known and worked with each other for years - perfectly complement each other and a (worldwide) movement starts to follow a creator.

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Why us?

With 500+ successful, tailormade crowdfunding campaigns on our name, we might be the most experienced crowdfunding agency out there.

We are genuinely motivated to create great campaigns for great projects. We often have fun while doing that and will be personally involved in your campaign. We're in this together.

One of our greatest assets is that - because we've been doing this from the very beginning of crowdfunding - we have built relevant, fruitful and longlasting relationships with many crowdfunding platforms and partners worldwide.

We cherisch honesty and responsibility. We will honestly tell you what we think about your project. And if we make mistakes ourselves, we will own them.

We help create small, but valuable campaigns for smaller communities, as well as huge, multimillion-dollar campaigns that mobilize worldwide communities. We know how to work with different budgets.

Why not us?

If you're not interested in your crowd's thoughts and wishes, only seeking to leverage our expertise to make money fast, we're not your cup of tea, really.

If your project can't be expected to primarily have a positive impact on the world, we're not the agency you're searching for.

If you want financial, legal or tax advice about crowdfunding, then we highly recommend you to consult with licensed agencies that specialize in legal and/or financial issues.

We do not work solely on the basis of revenue sharing: working with us will require you to invest in your campaign.

We like working with creators who are known and visible to their crowd, who tell an honest story (also when things don't go as planned) and who strive to underpromise and overdeliver to their crowd.


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With this little selection, we hope to showcase the very diverse range of possibilities, strategies, channels and models used to create a campaign that best fits the project at hand.

The Crowdfunding Journey

If there is one thing we have learned from all the campaigns we were involved in, it’s this: preparation is key. So be prepared: navigate through our Crowdfunding journey and see what a crowdfunding campaign usually entails.

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